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     Thank you for visiting us at Petoskey Real Estate Group our Real Estate Agents are here to serve you at the highest professional level in all of Northern Michigan. Are you looking for Petoskey Real Estate in Northern Michigan?

Petoskey Real Estate Group

     The Real Estate Industry is changing very quickly in many ways. The powerful influence of Zillow is a primary example. An additional example is the tremendous effect of technology for creating and signing documents and another the scheduling system for showing to homes. The real estate market in and around Petoskey is obviously quite different than normal markets because of the unique influence of Resort 2nd Home owners. Another strong market segment are the “soon to retire” and “retired” folks…who desire to live in this wonderful living environment that the greater Petoskey area offers.

     So, our NEW, boutique, group specializes in serving our Residential Clients and our Commercial-Industrial Clients with a solid understanding of our local market! We care about our clients and making people’s dreams come true is what we are all about. Going out and getting it done. Real Results. Real Estate. Petoskey Real Estate Group is selling million dollar sunsets in all of Northwest Michigan.

     For the past six years of my 20+ years in the Real Estate business, my associate, Doug Pelon has very creatively worked with me to perform the critical functions of my business. We compliment each others skills and work well together to achieve our Client’s goals. Doug does an outstanding job representing his Clients interest and I am happy that we will continue to work together.

     We chose to include Petoskey in our name because to us it is the most powerful image we can present since Petoskey is to me is like 24 Karat on gold!

     Many times during my travels when I told the person in the seat next to me where I live the response has been “You’re from Petoskey? That is such a wonderful place, you are so lucky!”

     Yes, all of those people are 100% correct! We are so LUCKY to live in Petoskey and I am reminded of that every day!